UWatchDawg is a new blog featuring select news and unique views that pertain to going-ons in the University of Washington and the surrounding U-district community.

As of now, UWatchDawg is mainly a one-man-show.  Justin Vorhees is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Washington.  He will be graduating in spring with a Bachelor of Arts in communication: Journalism.

Vorhees has a passion for news that is less covered by traditional media.  The focus is on activism, opposed political ideas, and random quirky stuff.  Multimedia, and especially video, will be an important part of UWatchDawg’s mission: to entertain and educate simultaneously.

Thus, UWatchDawg will often have a “Daily Drip” video broadcast and will (hopefully) have a weekly program called the UWatchDawg Weekly Dawgcast.

Vorhees would like to thank those who frequent this site, and welcomes all types of voices and any contributions.  To reach the editor, e-mail Justin Vorhees at jvorhees@u.washington.edu.


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