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Extreme Spring Hike – Del Campo Peak

May 25, 2010

Human vs. Zombie Tag: The Final Battle

May 16, 2010

Every quarter at the University of Washington, a zombie infestation plagues the campus. Hundereds if not thousands of humans fall to zombification every year.

This video documents the remaining humans’ last stand during the zombipocolypse of spring 2010:


New Entrance and Exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo

May 8, 2010

UW News Lab

Last Saturday, a small crowd gathered amid a spring drizzle to commemorate the grand opening of the new West Entrance of Woodland Park Zoo.

U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott joked that he wasn’t sure if people were there “celebrating May Day or the opening.”

McDermott was one of a handful of officials who gathered to speak about the new entrance as well as the importance of the zoo in general.

Cam Ragen, chair of the Woodland Park Zoo Board of Directors, talked about the success of the project, and particularly thanked Bank of America, which donated $1 million. The project, the second of two phases, totaled $7.5 million and was entirely funded privately. Ragen also discussed what the new 58,000-square-foot entrance area offered, including parking for cars and bicycles, a commons area, more restrooms, and a second zoo gift shop.   

The new entrance will benefit the environment as well as visitors. Sustainable highlights include a rainwater filtration system to reduce stormwater overflow, according to a press release.

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What can you do in 24 seconds?

May 7, 2010

Last week a plethora of students participated in a fun expression of short-attention-span entertainment.  What can you do in 24 seconds?  The video results are now online.

GorillaCorps is a group in the business school that is working with companies to promote products in unique ways.  They were out on the quad last week filming an array of students and their 24-second acts in order to promote a product from Concordia Coffee Systems.  The new IBS6+ can make any one of 800+ plus coffee drinks in 24 seconds.

The free drink for those who participated was delicious, I chose a triple-shot caramel mocha, and the winners of the contest will get prizes.  Until May 18th you can enter the competition online, or you can you here to vote for your favorite videos.

I decided to freestyle rap, and would love it if you liked my video, so check it out.